Alternative Options to Bathtubs for Seniors

Alternative Options to Bathtubs for Seniors

Many older adults find it difficult to use a standard shower/tub combination safely and effectively. While stepping over the high walls of a tub is a risky proposition for just about anyone, it is especially so for seniors who have lost strength and mobility. In a traditional bathroom configuration, the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents is high. That’s why many seniors who want to maintain their independence opt for custom bathtubs or walk-in showers as an alternative to standard configurations.

How Can You Make Your Bathroom More Accessible?

There are so many ways that homeowners can improve their bathroom accessibility! The trick is finding the best option for your unique needs. For example, if you’re not ready to splurge on a new walk-in shower or walk-in tub, you can begin by installing bathroom safety products. These accessories are specially designed to provide support where you need it. For some, that may look like a grab bar near the toilet. For others, this could include installing a shower seat or a handheld shower head. When you begin your research, you’ll be shocked by all of the options and the range of customization; today’s aging-in-place upgrades are designed to follow trending styles and can even improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

At BathWraps, the safety of our customers is of paramount importance. To make your bathing experience both safer and more luxurious, we’re pleased to offer low-threshold and no-threshold (roll-in) showers as well as custom bathtubs that can be personalized with bathroom safety products such as bench seating, sturdy rails, and grab bars.

Why BathWraps?

Of course, BathWraps isn’t the only provider of bathtubs for seniors, but we stand apart from other manufacturers in many ways. Consider that:

  • All BathWraps products are manufactured in the United States from nonporous acrylic that incorporates innovative ® antimicrobial technology. This means our custom bathtubs and showers are not only beautiful, but they are highly resistant to mold and mildew growth and are remarkably easy to keep clean.
  • Our bathroom products are fully customizable. In addition to a wide range of bathroom safety products, you can choose from our vast selection of wall surrounds, plumbing fixtures, and everything in between. In short, you won’t have to sacrifice style for safety!
  • Our custom bathtubs and walk-in showers are installed by our factory-trained and -certified technicians. They can often complete the job in as little as one day (eliminating the need for you to deal with weeks of messy construction, disrupting your household).
  • We offer budget-friendly solutions that do not compromise on quality. We stand behind any product you purchase from us for as long as you own your current home.

The Bottom Line

For a senior who can’t easily navigate the bathroom, installing a custom bathtub or low-threshold shower can be life-changing. Moreover, bathroom safety products and accessories can further provide support, making the process of entering and exiting the bathroom safer and easier for both the user and his or her caregiver.

To learn more about alternative bathtubs options for seniors, contact the friendly professionals at BathWraps today. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right bathroom safety product(s) for your home. Click here to find an authorized BathWraps dealer near you.