Bathroom Safety Products & Accessories for Seniors

Bathroom Safety Products and Accessories for Seniors

Are you an elderly individual looking to make your bathroom more accessible? Most homes aren’t designed for seniors and mobility-impaired individuals, but you can choose to have your bathroom remodeled for easier accessibility and improved safety. Even if you or one of the seniors in your family doesn’t need these features yet, it’s never too soon to start planning the bathroom that will last you through the years. The value of having these bath and shower accessories for seniors installed cannot be underestimated, regardless of whether they are needed now or well into the future. No matter the size of your bathroom or budget, there is an option for you.

You should be able to get the most out of your home and bathroom for years to come. If your current space is lacking the amenities you need now or may need in the future, it’s time to consider how you can benefit from making some changes. Don’t sacrifice comfort and accessibility simply because the installation seems too difficult. Instead, trust the professionals. Here are a few of the bathroom accessories and safety products for seniors that we offer at BathWraps:

Low- and No-Threshold Showers

High-threshold bathtubs and showers can present a daily challenge to seniors with mobility issues. BathWraps crafts gorgeous and customizable low- and no-threshold showers to make bathing easier than ever. Bonus: They’re made from 100% nonporous acrylic featuring SilverShield™ antimicrobial technology, so you can kiss the days of bending over to scrub grout goodbye.

Built-In Seating

Wet floors paired with standing in a shower for an extended period of time while bathing can be a perfect recipe for a slip-and-fall. Likewise, it can be difficult to lower yourself into a standard bathtub when you’re older. The optional built-in seating we offer alongside our bathroom remodeling products can make a safer bathing environment. Regardless of whether you have a bath or shower in your home, our range of products includes seating options for both.

Grab Bars

Useful not only for stabilizing yourself while bathing but also for pulling yourself up from a seated position, grab bars are becoming a more and more popular bathroom accessory for the elderly. This option can be installed in either a bath or shower space for full customizability depending on your needs.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Not every senior wants to wear non-slip shower shoes while bathing. That’s why BathWraps offers optional slip-resistant flooring for all of our showers and tubs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced safety while you bathe.

Maintain your independence and create the relaxing bathroom space you deserve by installing the shower safety products and accessories for seniors that suit you and your home best. And if you’re considering a larger bathroom renovation project, we also offer exceptional tub-to-shower conversions and other wet space installations that can make your bathing space as safe and comfortable as possible.

To learn more about the safety and accessibility accessories we offer for elderly or mobility-impaired individuals, contact us or find an authorized BathWraps dealer near you today.