Bathtub Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Bathtub Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Even though your home may not have an expansive bathroom with enough space to accommodate both a freestanding tub and a walk-in shower, the room can still be highly functional—and equally stylish. Of course, it can also be a bit more challenging to design a “perfect” bathroom layout when you’re working with a relatively small space, but it’s far from impossible. Are you ready to get creative? Here are some ideas:

An Inset Bathtub

Ideally suited for a small space, an inset bathtub is designed to sit flush against a wall or tucked into a corner. If your bathroom has a recess or alcove, you may have the perfect place for an inset tub. This timeless and space-saving design is available in a range of sizes, so you won’t have to worry about having enough room to fit a standard-sized tub. And, unlike a freestanding tub, an inset tub can double as a shower. If you’d like, you can also incorporate a handy shelf where you store your bathing essentials or your kids’ bath toys. Or, you can simply rest your book there while you relax and read during a long and luxurious soak.

A Bathtub/Shower Combo

Even if your bathroom has sufficient space to accommodate a well-appointed and generously sized shower enclosure, you may still want the flexibility of a tub. A great solution to the “shower vs. bath” conundrum, a bathtub/shower combo offers the best of both worlds. Much like an inset bathtub, a tub/shower combo can sit flush against one or more walls, leaving plenty of space available for other bathroom fixtures and storage. For a roomier showering experience, you might choose a sleek and modern L-shaped or P-shaped bath, if space permits.

A Compact Bathtub

If you have your heart set on having a tub but a full-length model is out of the question, a compact bathtub may be an excellent alternative. Although it is shortened in length to fit into a smaller or narrower space, a compact bathtub is not short on luxury. Many models feature steeper edges to allow for deeper water. As a result, a compact tub can provide a bathing experience that is even more lavish than that provided by a standard, full-sized tub.

A Corner Bathtub

If your bathroom is not only limited on space but also awkwardly shaped, a sweeping corner bath might be the answer to this double whammy. Designed to fit into a corner with two of its sides anchored to walls, a corner bath features a subtly rounded edge that doesn’t protrude outward and encroach on precious bathroom floor space. This unusual bathtub design also offers fresh aesthetic potential. Additionally, the wider rim along the two wall-adjoining bathtub edges provides a convenient place to stash a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, a scented candle, or a glass of wine!

A Freestanding Bathtub

If you don’t want space limitations to hinder your bath design, you might opt for a freestanding bathtub, which can serve as the striking focal point of the entire room. How? There are compact versions available. Of course, with a freestanding bathtub taking center stage of your bathroom, you may need to use some clever design tactics to make the most of the remaining space. For instance, you might consider incorporating a wall-mounted sink or toilet to balance out the room.

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