Bathtub Options You Should Consider For a Bathroom Remodel

Bathtub Options You Should Consider

Bathtubs are a part of your home that you likely use every day, if not multiple times a day. So, it only makes sense that if you’re not enjoying your bathing experience, you should replace your current bathtub with one that you’ll love using. But with so many different bathtub options out there, it can be a difficult task to find an option that is perfect for your individual needs. In addition to considering the overall purpose of your new bathtub—should it be dual-purpose or strictly for relaxing—you should look into the materials, styles, and installation timeline. To help you organize your thoughts, we’re guiding you through the world of bathtubs, starting with bathtub material considerations:

Material Options for Your Bathtub Replacement

There are a lot of different bathtub material options on the market. To narrow down your options, look for a material that meets your needs for comfort and budget. You should also consider the overall durability and maintenance requirements for your new bathtub. For example, while high-end materials like ceramic, porcelain, and cast iron are extremely luxurious, they also tend to be high maintenance. Fiberglass and acrylic bathtub replacements, on the other hand, are a more durable and less taxing option when it comes to cleaning.

Pick Your Style

First, ask yourself: What is the chief purpose of my new bathtub? And, what are my bathtub must-haves? Do you want your bathtub to have a showerhead so you can just take a quick shower when you want? Or would you like a tub that has jets so you relax and enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home? Or is safety a concern of yours, and you would like a tub that is designed to minimize the chances of slipping? Whatever your needs are, there is a tub option out there that can help you meet those requirements. Some of the most popular bathtub remodeling options include:

  • Standalone bathtub replacements – This consists of removing your current tub and replacing it with a brand new one. You’ll be able to customize your new tub, so you’ll get the style and accessories you want for your ideal bathing experience.
  • Tub-shower combos – Do you want the luxury of being able to take either a bath or shower, depending on your mood? If so, a tub-shower combo is the perfect option for you. These alcove tubs give you the best of both worlds by, you guessed it, combining the best of both systems in one.
  • Walk-in Tub – If bathroom safety or aging-in-place compatibility is a concern of yours, walk-in tubs are the way to go. These low-threshold tubs are easy to access, helping you bathe confidently and safely. 

Don’t Forget About Safety Products

Walk-in tubs are typically already equipped with several safety features, however, equipping them with additional bathroom safety products—such as non-slip flooring and handrails—can make bathing in them even more comfortable. The same goes for adding bathroom safety accessories to any of the other bathtub styles we covered in the above section.

Ready to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel?

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