Benefits of a Low-Threshold Shower

Benefits of a Low-Threshold ShowerPlot twist: Not all showers are created equal. Ranging from small, stall-like designs to open-concept styles, showers are now available in a plethora of profiles—helping homeowners create unique systems that truly meet their various needs. One style that has grown in popularity over recent years is the low-threshold shower. If you haven’t seen this shower design before, they sport an easy-to-access entryway that features a very low barrier or none at all. Here are the benefits of this modern design:

Improved Accessibility

Low-threshold showers feature an accessible design that’s ideal for homeowners planning to age in place or who have limited mobility. This universal design is beneficial for all, as the low entry makes it very comfortable to navigate. 

Ease of Maintenance

Without a high curb or tub wall, low-threshold shower systems are not only easy to access but also easy to clean. It’s easier to move around the shower while cleaning and there are fewer crevices—areas where bacteria and mold can collect.

More Space

Small bathrooms can feel cramped with a traditional tub/shower combo. Low-threshold showers lessen the visual break that a tub or high shower curb would create. The illusion this creates can make your bathroom feel larger and more open. 

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