The Benefits of Acrylic Showers

Benefits of Acrylic Showers A shower replacement can be the perfect solution to a costly and inconvenient full bathroom remodel. If you’re considering replacing your shower, you may be scouring design magazines, endlessly scrolling through social media, or watching hours of home renovation shows to find inspiration and figure out what materials to choose. The options are seemingly endless, so how do you choose? While we at BathWraps can’t tell you what design aesthetic would be ideal for your new bathroom, we can share our thoughts on what type of shower material would be best: When it comes to maintenance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, nothing beats an acrylic shower.

Why Invest in a New Acrylic Shower?

Acrylic showers are a smart choice for several reasons. But, when you choose a premium-caliber acrylic shower from BathWraps, you can expect even more great advantages, including:

  • Durability – Our showers are custom-crafted in the United States from long-lasting, nonporous acrylic that won’t crack, fade, chip, or stain. Your BathWraps shower will also be guaranteed for as long as you own your home.
  • Easy maintenance – All you’ll need to do to keep your shower sparkling is occasionally wipe it down. Plus, our showers feature antimicrobial protection to prevent pesky mold and mildew growth. Say goodbye to spending so much precious time scrubbing your tile and grout and get back to enjoying your home again.
  • Endless style options – Whether you’re looking for a traditional tub/shower combination or would like to invest in a sleek, no-threshold shower enclosure, BathWraps can deliver exactly what you’re looking for. And with dozens of wall surrounds, accessories, and hardware options to choose from, you can create an acrylic shower that’s truly one of a kind. You can even work with one of our Design Specialists to create a custom shower that is personalized to your exact taste and preferences.
  • Plenty of accessories – In addition to aesthetic options, we also offer options for safety and accessibility features for any elderly or mobility impaired individuals in your home. These features include grab bars, built-in seating, and low- and no-threshold shower options. Even if you’re simply wishing you had a bit of extra storage space to hold your toiletries, we can make your wish come true with our caddies, soap dishes, and more.

The best part about an acrylic shower from BathWraps? Most installations can be completed in as little as one day! Forget about the nuisance of having to give up the use of your bathroom for a potentially lengthy period of time and get back to enjoying your home again sooner.

Get Started Today

If the thought of a bathroom renovation causes you stress, don’t worry—having a new shower installed in your bathroom is simpler than you may think! Our bathroom remodeling solutions will allow you to have the bathroom of your dreams without the hassle of a traditional remodel. To learn more about the benefits of acrylic showers and our one-day shower installations, contact BathWraps today. We’ll be happy to direct you to an authorized BathWraps dealer in your area and answer any questions you may have.