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Can I Install My Own Bathtub?

When it’s time for a bathtub replacement, you’re not thinking about all the ways you can spend more money. Instead, chances are you’re looking for options to cut down on your costs. DIYing certain aspects of your project can make that happen. However, there are a few things the average homeowner should not attempt to do themselves. If you’re considering trying to install your own bathtub, you’ll want to read this article.

How to Install a Bathtub: an Overview

Installing a bathtub is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple matter. First, you’ll want to make sure you have the materials you need and the proper protection. You also want the area to be well-ventilated so that you’re not breathing in any dust or chemicals. Then, you can get started on the steps outlined below.

Get the New Bathtub

Of course, you’ll need to have the new bathtub you’re installing. Take your time selecting a tub that suits your needs, but make sure you measure the area in advance and choose one that you can get through the door. It’s a good idea to choose a new tub that has a similar configuration to the old one and will fit in the same alcove without many modifications to the surrounding area.

Turn Off the Water

This requires some know-how. You can either turn off the water to your entire house, or just the line to the bathroom. Turn on the faucet to let the pipes empty and ensure the water is properly turned off before you start unscrewing things.

Remove the Old Tub & Accessories

If you’re keeping your old faucet and handles, you can just remove the old tub and drain, but you may want to replace everything at once. You’ll need to remove the wall surround around the tub, disconnect the drain assembly, and lift the old tub up and away from the wall. You will likely need a friend to help you haul the old fixture out and dispose of it.

Install the New Tub

Fit your new bathtub into the space and make sure it’s level, connect the drain, and install a new surround to secure the fixture. If you’re replacing the faucet and handles as well, install those, too. Connect everything to the water lines and use silicone caulk to seal gaps. Be sure to wait at least 24 hours before you christen your new tub.

Since many steps require plumbing skills, such as turning off the water and connecting the new drain, most people shouldn’t risk trying to install their bathtub by themselves. However, if you’re a particularly handy person, you may be able to handle it.

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