Can You Replace Just a Shower Door?

Can You Replace Just a Shower Door?

As a highly visible aspect of your bathroom, your shower door can be one of its most—or least—attractive features. Is your shower door looking a little worse for wear? That’s not necessarily surprising. Here’s why:

A bathroom is a high-moisture area, and the intense humidity combined with the rigors of daily use can wreak havoc on its components and fixtures. Even if you have a high-quality shower door, its glass may become clouded or discolored by mold, mildew, soap scum, or hard-water mineral buildup over time. Many of these problems—as well as others, such as cracks, chips, and rusted metal framing—are difficult to prevent. However, they can be easily remedied with a shower door replacement. And if you are happy with the rest of your shower, you can replace just the door if you want to.

Signs It’s Time for a New Shower Door Installation

You may need to replace your glass shower door if it:

  • No longer opens smoothly or closes firmly
  • Has discolored, chipped, or cracked glass (this is a safety issue, because the door may lose structural integrity and shatter)
  • Has a rusty or corroded frame
  • Leaks (this is another safety issue since slippery, wet floors are the No. 1 cause of household accidents)
  • Has an outdated appearance or design that you simply don’t care for

If your goal is to replace just a single pane or component of your shower door, you may want to contact the manufacturer to see if it is possible to source replacement parts. However, replacement shower door parts are not always easy to come by. Plus, the installation can be tricky. For these reasons, it’s best to work with an expert.

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