Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Remodeling a dated or dingy bathroom is an excellent decision that can improve the value of your home and provide a relaxing space for you to prepare for the day and wind down in the evenings. Still, some homeowners make critical mistakes during bathroom renovations that leave them wishing for a re-do. If you’re about to embark on a bathroom remodeling project, be sure to partner with reputable contractors, thoughtfully consider your design choices, and avoid these all-too-common renovation mistakes:

  • Not installing proper ventilation – Make sure to invest in a quality vent fan and run it for about 15 minutes after you bathe. Moisture damage is no joke!
  • Following the trends – Pink bathtubs and plastic, colorful countertops were once trendy. (Need we say more?) Consider opting for more classic design choices.
  • Not matching your fixtures – Purchase sink fixtures, bath fixtures, and towel holders that are all a similar color and style.
  • Failing to ensure proper spacing – Work closely with your contractor to make sure the layout of your bath, toilet, and sink makes sense and meets all code requirements.
  • Trying to DIY your renovation – When it comes to labor intensive projects that require a lot of expert know-how and tools, sometimes it’s simply best to leave it to the professionals in order to avoid potentially costly mistakes.
  • Not considering additional features – Sometimes, the little things really do make the most difference. Don’t forget to plan and budget for small additional options like shelving, seating, or grab bars that can make your life easier and safer.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to create the relaxing space you desire. For a bathroom you’ll be able to truly get the most out of, it’s important not only to know the most common mistakes and how to avoid them, but to have contractors you can trust on the job as well. That way, you’ll know that the finished product not only meets all proper code requirements, but is also perfectly suited to your individual wants and needs.

Simplify Your Bathroom Renovation Project

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