Common Floor Shower Pan Sizes

A close-up image of a person stepping out of a walk-in showerDesigning the bathroom shower of your dreams means choosing a wide range of parts and materials that will work best for your unique needs. A shower pan, for example, is an important part of your shower, as it’s what you stand on. It also does the critical job of directing all water from the shower down the bathroom drain. So, what size will work best for your specific wet area? Here are some common floor shower pan sizes:

Shower Pan Dimensions

Shower pans are designed with even-numbered measurements, so their sizes range between 32 inches x 32 inches and 42 inches x 60 inches.

Additionally, the depth of the shower pan should be a minimum of two inches and a maximum of six inches from the top of the drain. For a sloped shower floor, you can calculate the slope per foot, then subtract by two inches to have the minimum shower pan height.

Getting a Quality Shower Pan

Getting the right-sized shower pan for your bathroom is easy when you partner with BathWraps. We’ll work with you step by step to design the shower of your dreams. Additionally, all of our bathroom products are made from high-quality, nonporous acrylic that won’t crack, fade, peel, or chip over time. For additional peace of mind, our systems come with a lifetime warranty—they’re guaranteed to last as long as your home.

Let’s Get Started

For more information on top-of-the-line shower pans and bathroom shower replacement services from BathWraps, contact us today. We’ll connect you with an authorized dealer in your area who can discuss all of our product offerings.