New alcove bathtub If you’re dealing with an outdated bathtub at your home that’s far from the relaxing oasis you’ve always wanted, you may be considering some different solutions. There are plenty of product options that are designed to refresh the appearance of a dingy or difficult to look at tub, and one you may have come across is tub liners.

Bathroom tub liners, which are installed over your existing tub, may seem like a simple and effective alternative to a bathroom remodel when all you need is a better-looking bathtub. However, you’ll want to take a few things into account before investing in one, with one key question being: how long do bathroom tub liners last? You may not like the answer, which is between three to five years on average. But before you make your decision, let’s dive into the details:

What Is a Bathtub Liner?

A bathtub liner is a layer or shell of PVC or acrylic that is tailored to fit over your existing bathtub. It is crafted by vacuum forming a sheet of the given material, and that sheet will then be heated and formed in a mold to ensure it fits your existing tub perfectly.

Find the Right Bathtub Liner Alternative With BathWraps

Bathtub liners are often viewed as a cheaper alternative to a new bathtub, but they’re more of a bandage solution than a long-lasting investment. If you’re looking for something that can refresh the appearance and functionality of your bathroom without all the hassles—not to mention the steep cost—of a bathroom renovation, a better solution that holds up better over time would be a replacement tub from BathWraps. Crafted from an ultra-durable acrylic material infused with silver ions for antimicrobial protection, these bathtubs are as gorgeous as they are low maintenance. What’s more, they’ll never fade, stain, crack, or chip, and they’re guaranteed to last far longer than the mere three to five years you’d get with a bathtub liner.

To learn more about our replacement tubs and what makes them a better alternative to a bathtub liner, contact BathWraps today.