Do You Need a Bathtub Access Panel?

An older woman sitting on the edge of her bathtub, looking down into itWhen it comes to renovating your bathroom’s wet area, there are many factors to consider. For example, if you’re remodeling your bathtub, you may be wondering if you need a bathtub access panel. BathWraps is here to help break it down!

What Is a Bathtub Access Panel?

So, what exactly is a bathtub access panel? An access panel is a door used to conceal vital installations like plumbing and electrical boxes. A bathtub access panel isn’t necessarily a requirement. After all, you can keep these installations safe behind a wall. However, if a plumbing or electrical issue occurs in your bathroom, having easy access to these installations can make fixing the problem a lot easier. Without a bathtub access panel, the only way to address a plumbing issue would be to cut a hole in the wall. Not only does this create a big mess, but it will also cost you a hefty sum from your plumber.

Remodeling Your Bathing Area With BathWraps

If you’re looking into remodeling your tub and want more information on getting a bathtub access panel installed, BathWraps is a great company to turn to. In just one day, our highly trained and experienced installers can transform your bathroom by replacing your old, worn-out tub with a new, luxurious bathtub and wall surround. Best of all, you can customize your new bathing area to fit your specific needs.

For more information on our bathroom transformations or to simply ask questions regarding getting a bathtub access panel installed, contact the expert team at BathWraps today. We’re here to make remodeling your bathroom a breeze!