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Do You Need a Permit to Replace a Bathtub?

If you’ve decided to invest in a new bathtub, you’re probably already thinking ahead to the luxurious oasis you’ll soon have right in your own home. However, before you can get too excited about scheduling a bathtub replacement, you’ll need to think about some logistical things first. After all, a tub replacement is a major project that requires plenty of planning—and possibly even a permit.

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a permit to replace a bathtub, BathWraps is here to help. In short, the answer is: it depends. While that may not be the answer you were hoping for, we can help you better understand the bathtub replacement process and if your project will require you to get a permit.

When Is a Permit Required?

Permit requirements differ depending on where you live, meaning they will be specific to your city and county. Another factor that will determine whether or not a permit is required is the scale of your bath remodel, as adding wall outlets or knocking down walls will always require a permit before you can get started.

When Do You Not Need a Permit to Replace a Bathtub?

If you’re opting for a smaller-scale bath remodel that involves a tub replacement and no structural changes to the property, you likely will not need to obtain a permit. So, even if you’re updating the walls, so long as you’re not tearing them down, there’s a good chance you can do it without jumping through any extra hoops.

Work With a Trusted Tub Replacement Company

The best way to figure out whether you need a permit for your bathtub replacement is by working with a reliable bathroom remodeling company like BathWraps. We specialize in one-day bathroom transformations, making things as seamless and stress-free as possible for you. To learn more about our tub replacement process, contact us today.