How Do I Remove an Old Bathtub?

How Do I Remove an Old Bathtub?

Are you planning for a bathtub replacement project? Before you can have your beautiful new bathtub installed, you’ll first need to focus on removing your old bathtub from your home’s bathroom. If you think this is an easy DIY, think again! While some homeowners have successfully removed their old tubs, most stories end in tragedy, which—in the home improvement world—usually means expensive repairs. Because bathtub removal can be tricky, we recommend you leave it to the professionals, along with your new bathtub installation. Here are the basic steps you can expect your contractor to follow:

Step One: Turn Off the Water Supply & Disconnect the Pipes

Before your old bathtub can be removed, your contractor will need to first turn off its water supply. It’s always helpful if you can point this out for them; if you can’t locate it, however, another solution (though inconvenient) is to turn off the water main to your home. Next, your contractor will disconnect the water pipes in preparation to reconnect them to your new tub.

Step Two: Remove the Bathtub

Now that the pipes are disconnected, it’s time to actually remove your old bathtub. If your old bathtub has legs, it’s usually best to remove those first (if possible) so that they don’t catch on the doorway or vanity on the way out. Your contractor will be careful to prevent the bathtub from scratching up your bathroom’s flooring, perhaps using a cloth to protect it.

Step Three: Install the Bathtub Replacement

This is the easy part—at least when you turn to BathWraps for your bathtub replacement! That’s because we can complete your bathroom renovation in as little as one day, allowing you to get back to your daily life with minimal interruption. We’ll handle everything, leaving you with a brand-new bathtub you’ll love for years to come.

BathWraps is Here to Help

Don’t stress about handling a bathtub removal on your own—let us do the work for you. BathWraps installers can transform your bathroom in a day simply by removing your old tub and replacing it with a brand-new one. What’s more, you’ll be able to completely customize your new bathing space with your choice of accessories and wall surrounds, which can be personalized in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. No matter which model you decide on, however, you’ll benefit from a product that’s:

  • Durable – Our tubs are designed to never crack or fade over time.
  • Accessible – We offer both low- and no-threshold options for easy accessibility.
  • Low-maintenance – Thanks to built-in anti-microbial protection, your new tub will be easy to clean.

BathWraps also offers a wide variety of bathtub replacement styles, which includes deep soaker tubs to help you achieve complete mind and body relaxation. Manufactured in the USA from 100% nonporous acrylic, your days of endlessly scrubbing your bathtub are over.

Customize Your Bathroom Today

If you’d like to learn more about having a bathtub replacement expertly performed in your home bathroom, contact us today! Our experts are here to help you transform your rundown bathroom with standout products that are as functional as they are beautiful.