How Long Does It Take to Install a Shower?

How Long Does It Take to Install a Shower?

There’s nothing worse than having contractors in your home for weeks on end, particularly if the bathroom remodeling project seems like it should take a lot less time to complete. After all, the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house—brushing your teeth at the kitchen sink and having to resort to showering in your cramped guest bathroom can get old quickly. If you’re planning to have a shower installation performed at your residence, you’re probably wondering how long the process takes so that you can plan your life accordingly. While we would love to give you an exact answer, in truth, the project timeline will depend on several unique variables:

Project Scale

The duration of your shower installation project will depend on a few factors, but the project’s scale is one of the more influential aspects when it comes to time.

Full-Scale Bathroom Remodels vs. Smaller Projects

Complicated bathroom remodels, like shower retiling, are probably going to extend the project timeline. In this situation, your contractor will likely need to remove the existing tile and patch holes in addition to installing the new tile. On the other hand, if you’re looking at a smaller project—like having shower doors replaced or a new shower enclosure installed—most contractors will be able to finish within a couple of days. In short, the complexity of your shower remodel will help you determine the project’s installation timeline. So, if you’re in a pinch, plan for a smaller project scale or research one-day shower replacements.

Shower Material

In the previous examples we provided, you’ll see that the actual materials chosen for your new shower can also impact installation time. For example, heavier materials—like marble or ceramic tiles—often require strict installation requirements which can impact curing time. Whereas, lighter, antimicrobial wall surrounds can be installed quickly—often within one day.

DIYs & Unplanned Repairs

If you’ve decided to forgo partnering with a contractor, note that a DIY shower installation will likely take you much longer to complete. This is especially true for newbie bathroom remodelers. It also opens the door for unplanned repairs, which can quickly become expensive and messy—stretching the project timeline.

BathWraps Offers One-Day Bathroom Renovations

If you’d like to minimize the amount of time you spend displaced from your bathroom, turn to BathWraps! We get it, no one wants to deal with a weeks-long—or even a days-long—bathroom remodel. That’s why, at BathWraps, we’re proud to offer bathroom renovations that take as little as one day. We make it our mission to work with speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality, so you can return to your daily life quickly.

The shower replacements we perform are no exception to our efficient service. These walk-in or low-entry shower systems can be customized down to the last detail, ensuring you enjoy a product that truly suits your needs. You’ll also have the option of choosing from an array of styles and accessories. What’s more, all of the showers that we install are guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

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