How Long Does It Take to Replace a Bathtub?

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Bathtub?

Great question! While we’d love to give you an exact timeframe, bathroom remodeling projects—like bathtub replacements—come with a lot of baggage. Many factors can sway how long your project will last, including:

  • What type of bathtub you’re considering
  • Who’s completing the project
  • Whether or not you’ll need to outsource materials

As your bathroom remodeling project gets nearer and nearer, consider these factors! If you’re nervous about being displaced from your bathroom for an extended time while the replacement bathtub is installed, here are some tips for keeping things efficient:

Choose an Alcove Bathtub Replacement

How long your project takes will largely depend on the type of replacement bathtub that you choose. For example, freestanding bathtub installations tend to take longer than typical shower/bathtub replacements. If you’re replacing an acrylic combination bathtub/shower with a freestanding tub, you’ll need to fix the floor beneath the old tub’s footprint to match the rest of the bathroom. And if the same flooring can’t be found, you may need to replace the entire floor.

Partner With a Bathroom Contractor

While bathroom DIYs are tempting (thank you TikTok for the inspiration), bigger projects should always be handled by professionals—especially if you want a quick turnaround. Why? The bathroom is a very compact room and older designs often feature a wide assortment of materials, unique plumbing networks, and potentially hidden water damage. While you can dust off your home improvement gear, it’s important to note that a project of this scope will take time and a lot of patience.

On the other hand, hiring a bathroom contractor who specializes in bathtub replacements can often get the work done in half the time. At BathWraps, we can complete a bathtub replacement project in as little as one day, allowing you to return to your daily life as quickly as possible. Our bathtubs also feature technology, making them anti-microbial and incredibly easy to clean!

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