How to Remove a Shower Stall for a Bathroom Remodel

How to Remove a Shower Stall for a Bathroom RemodelSo, you think you’re a DIY expert? You’ve conquered the kitchen cabinetry project and just wrapped up the mudroom rehaul. Now, you’re ready to roll up your DIY sleeves again and take on that shower renovation. Before you take a sledgehammer to the shower, it’s important to understand that any and every aspect of a shower remodel will involve a lot of complex work. The process doesn’t just involve shower stall removal, it also includes plumbing, math, and a lot of materials and tools. Just so you can see the scope of what’s involved in a project of this scale, here are the basic steps of a shower stall removal:

The Steps

If you’re ready to start a shower remodel, you may be wondering how to remove the old shower stall to make room for a new one. Removing old shower walls is an involved process that requires many steps. This includes shutting off the water, removing the drain assembly and plumbing parts, and cutting the silicone seal surrounding the old shower to detach the shower enclosure and remove it from the bathroom.

Once the old shower is removed, you’ll need to take care of any water damage around the walls and base to get the space ready for your replacement shower. Because a shower is made up of large and heavy pieces, this process will likely require more than one person to complete. Additionally, installing the new shower requires careful measurements to ensure that it fits level. You’ll then reattach the plumbing, seal the edges with silicone, and complete any finish work necessary around your shower replacement.

Bathroom DIY Dangers

It’s easy to get caught up in a bathroom remodeling project. In the heat of the moment, going the DIY route might seem like a smart investment. Once you’re knee-deep in plumbing and on your fifth mistake, however, reality will sink in. Contrary to popular belief, going it alone on a bathroom DIY project that involves a bathtub or shower remodels is generally not a good idea (unless you are a professional). There are simply too many moving pieces that can potentially become damaged, ultimately costing you more to fix than it would have if you simply hired a professional in the first place. To avoid paying for expensive repairs, do your research and compare your DIY skills to that of an expert. Do you have experience with plumbing? Are you good at math? Do you have access to the right materials? If your answers are no or not really, then you need to partner with a pro.

Shower Replacement in a Single Day

At BathWraps, we specialize in bathroom remodel solutions that make it easy for you to enjoy a new bathing space quickly. If your shower stall is in good condition, our acrylic shower liners can be installed directly onto your existing shower space, saving you the time and hassle of a more extensive remodeling project. Each replacement shower we build is custom-manufactured to the exact dimensions needed for the bathroom, ensuring a perfect fit and a gorgeous, finished appearance.

If you’d like to learn more about having a BathWraps shower installed in your home, contact us today for assistance locating a BathWraps authorized dealer near you.