How to Update a Bathtub Without Replacing It

Close up of a recently installed jetted bathtub with stainless steel faucet and marble backsplashIf you live with an ugly or outdated bathtub, you likely find it difficult to relax and enjoy your bathing experience. When you’ve had enough of that, it’s time to start thinking about a bathroom remodel. Of course, the most obvious solution is a bathtub replacement, but if that’s too expensive or too much effort for you, have no fear—that’s not your only option. In fact, there are a number of ways you can update the appearance and feel of your bathing space with minimal effort, such as:

Changing Out the Fixtures

Perhaps your tub itself is perfectly functional, but you’re tired of struggling with a finicky faucet every time you want a bath. Choosing new fixtures for your bathtub is a chance to refresh its appearance and increase functionality. Consider a different color finish, a freestanding floor-mounted faucet, or a handheld showerhead with different spray modes.

Recaulking & Resealing

If the issue is unattractive, permanently stained or cracked caulk, simply resealing your tub may be all you need to feel like you’ve had an entire bathroom remodel. Clean white caulk can make your bathtub and the surrounding area seem brand new without much effort. This is a simple enough process that most handy people can do it themselves armed with some tools from the local home improvement store.

Installing New Wall Surround

Perhaps the most transformative suggestion on this list, changing up your bathtub surround—that is, the wall above and around your tub—can make a huge difference in your level of enjoyment. You may currently have boring white tile, for example, or perhaps a previous owner installed a crazy mosaic that you’d rather be without. There is a large assortment of materials with various colors and styles at your disposal.

Resurfacing the Bathtub

Resurfacing or refinishing refer to the same service—sanding and reglazing a tub to address surface imperfections like stains that won’t come off or shallow cracks and scratches. Resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative to a bathtub replacement and can give your old tub a new lease on life. If you want to go a step further, consider a bathtub liner.

Installing a Bathtub Liner

A bathtub liner is an acrylic or plastic layer that’s perfectly molded to hide the old tub. An expertly installed bathtub liner can make an old tub look like new by covering any surface blemishes and restoring a glossy appearance. Of course, if your old bathtub is not structurally sound, this will not be a long-term solution.

Need Some Assistance From a Bathtub Remodeling Expert?

From painting your walls to installing a tub liner, there are many ways you can enhance the experience of using your bathtub without a bathtub replacement. But perhaps you’ve considered all your options and decided to go ahead and splurge for that bathtub replacement after all. If that’s the case, you can turn to the nation’s leading supplier of transformative bathing solutions, BathWraps. Shower and bathtub remodeling is all we do, so you can be confident we have the knowledge and skill to make your project a success.

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