Ideas to Remodel a Bathroom With a Small Shower

Ideas to Remodel a Bathroom With a Small Shower

If you’re accustomed to sharing a small bathroom with your big family, you’re probably no stranger to the chaos that comes from the lack of elbow room: for example, morning competitions for sink space with your partner or playing Jenga with shampoo bottles in an overcrowded shower. While you might think it’s impossible to improve your small bathroom without adding to its square footage, there are many creative ways that you can remodel your small bathroom to make it feel more spacious! Read on for our top small bathroom shower remodeling ideas.

Maximize Space With Built-In Storage

Does your shower feature a tile surround with zero storage? Consider remodeling your bathroom with a nonporous acrylic shower system! This small shower solution is not only much easier to clean than tiled shower surrounds, but it offers you the perfect opportunity to add built-in storage. At BathWraps, we can install shelving, soap dishes, and even built-in seating to improve your small shower’s storage—giving you more space.

Consider a Bathtub/Shower Combo

If your bathroom feels small because it features both a soaker bathtub and a standalone shower system, a bathtub/shower combo can help you save space. Bathtub/shower combos offer the best of both worlds with the smallest footprint possible. And it doesn’t have to be a major project, especially when you turn to BathWraps—we can perform a small bathroom tub/shower remodel in as little as one day!

Install a Barrier-Free Shower System

Barrier-free shower systems are optical illusions; when installed correctly, they can help your cramped bathroom feel spacious. What’s more, thanks to their low thresholds, they are a great shower idea for homeowners in need of a more accessible design that supports bathroom independence and comfort. To really play up the illusion, opt for glass shower doors!

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

If you currently have a bath/shower combo but want a barrier-free shower system, consider investing in a tub-to-shower conversion. This service essentially removes the existing tub from your shower’s footprint, replacing it with a spacious, standalone shower system.

Keep Things Light & Bright

As you remodel your small bathroom, remember to keep the overall design light and bright. Following this rule of thumb will help you make the room feel more open. Concerning the shower remodels, stick with white surrounds, glass shower doors, and/or lightweight curtain fabric that allows maximum light to enter the space.

Get in Touch With BathWraps

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