Ideas to Remodel a Bathroom With a Small ShowerIdeas to Remodel a Bathroom With a Small Shower

If you’re accustomed to sharing a small bathroom with your family every day, you’re probably no stranger to the lack of elbow room, the jockeying for sink space with your partner, and the tub overflowing with your children’s bath toys. You also might think it’s impossible to improve your small bathroom without adding square footage, but you might be surprised by many of the creative ways you can remodel your small bathroom to make it more spacious! Read on for our top small bathroom shower remodel ideas.

Maximize Your Shower Storage

Does your bathroom shower feature a tile surround with zero storage? If so, you’re going to love this small shower remodel idea. Consider remodeling your shower with nonporous acrylic. Not only are acrylic showers easier to clean than tiled shower surrounds, but they offer an opportunity for storage customization as well. At BathWraps, we can install shelving, soap dishes, and even built-in seating to improve your small shower’s storage, giving you more space.

Consider a Bathtub/Shower Combo

If your bathroom currently features both a standalone bathtub and a shower—or even one or the other, but you’d love to have both—a bathtub/shower combo can help. Bathtub/shower combos offer the best of both worlds with the smallest footprint possible. And it doesn’t have to be a major project, especially when you turn to BathWraps—we can perform a small bathroom tub/shower remodel in as little as one day!

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