Improvements to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Improvements to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Are you considering remodeling a bathroom at your home? If so, you’re likely neck deep in bathroom remodeling ideas from various blog posts and Pinterest sessions. The options seem endless, with countless opportunities to add your own stylistic flair and useful modern touches. But when remodeling your bathroom, which features really matter? What will greatly improve your quality of life and home value? We’ve got a few ideas.

A New Tub or Shower

As the focal point of your bathroom, your bathtub or shower is a good choice to target during a bathroom remodel. But which one to choose? Consider your lifestyle—families with kids usually need a bathtub, but older couples might better appreciate a low- or no-threshold shower. If you simply love to relax and unwind by soaking in the bath, choose a tub that you love. Or if you appreciate the modern look and convenience of a walk-in shower, design one that suits your lifestyle. BathWraps offers simple, one-day tub-to-shower conversions, shower replacements, and bathtub replacements, so we’ve got you covered no matter what you choose.

Customizable Style Options

Don’t settle for a bathroom with a look that you anything less than love. Maybe the current tile in your shower is drab or the color of your tub is starting to show its age. No matter the reason, the beauty of a bathroom renovation is that you are in control of the design from the start. Select something classic that adds value to your home or get creative with color and additional features—the choice is yours.

Safety Needs

Are you planning to age in place? Does an elderly loved one live with you and struggle to bathe safely? If so, consider the benefit of adding safety accessories when remodeling your bathroom. Things like built-in seating and grab bars can make a world of a difference for seniors, especially when installed in an accessible low- or no-threshold shower.

Hardware & Accessories

When remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget the difference that details can make! Installing a new showerhead or faucet handles can instantly jazz up an old bathtub or shower. And other accessories, such as built-in shelving in a new shower, can help you stay organized. Think about the details when it comes to planning your new bath or shower space—where would you benefit from extra storage most or could you eventually need a grab bar? The options are endless, so take control of your space and start making the most of it.

Turn to BathWraps

Now that you’ve read up on the most important improvements to consider for your bathroom remodeling project, it’s time to get the ball rolling! You already know the benefits you can gain, so don’t wait to start planning your dream bathroom. Find a local BathWraps dealer to get started on your bathtub or shower remodeling project.