The interior of a walk-in shower.Is There a Waterproof Paint for Showers?

For the average homeowner, the shower in their bathroom takes up a large portion of the overall space. One side effect of large showers is that they’re often one of the biggest design elements in any bathroom and consequently have a large impact on the space’s overall appearance. Because of this, many homeowners find themselves searching for ways to spruce up their shower’s appearance—like with a fresh coat of paint. But can shower walls be painted? And what kind of paint is suitable for this application?

Choosing a Waterproof Paint

The good news for homeowners who want to upgrade their shower walls is that there are a few types of waterproof paint available. Modern waterproof paint formulations are designed to act as a thin, waterproof membrane that provides protection from moisture intrusion after being painted on the shower wall.

The Drawbacks of Painting Shower Walls

Unfortunately, painted shower walls aren’t without their share of drawbacks. There are several pitfalls that homeowners should be aware of before they consider painting their walls, including:

Incomplete Coverage

Since waterproof paint is essentially a thin coating protecting your walls from moisture, any holes or gaps in coverage can have disastrous effects for homeowners. Painted surfaces should be regularly checked to ensure that no tears are present.


All waterproof paint will eventually degrade and lose effectiveness over time, especially if it is in regular contact with water. The total lifespan you can expect from your waterproof paint will vary, but in general, waterproof paint will need to be repainted eventually.

Harsh Chemicals

Many waterproof paints contain volatile compounds and harsh chemicals, and homeowners should take precautions to ensure proper ventilation when handling any hazardous and toxic materials.

Shower Surround Installation Offers an Alternative

While a fresh coat of paint might be the fastest way to upgrade your bathroom, experts agree that there are more durable alternatives available. One tried and true method for enhancing a bathroom is new acrylic shower walls. Acrylic shower walls and surrounds are engineered to be exceptionally durable and waterproof, so you can have confidence that they won’t wear down and develop leaks over the years.

At BathWraps, our shower walls have been designed to be durable, gorgeous and completely customizable based on your preferences. Our surrounds include many convenient features—such as SilverShield antimicrobial treatment—that help make them hardwearing and easy to care for, so you won’t have to worry about annoying maintenance routines.

Upgrade Your Bathroom on Your Terms

The great thing about waterproof paint is that it offers a quick, easy way to change up your bathroom space. However, you might find that paint is simply not durable enough to be a long-term solution for your bathroom, and that’s where BathWraps can help. Contact us today to find out more about our customizable showers and schedule a consultation to discuss your shower needs with a bathroom remodeling expert.