Materials Commonly Used for Shower Pans

A closeup photo of a white shower pan and base inside of a walk-in showerBathroom showers can be a bit more complex than they appear, consisting of a variety of parts to ensure they get the job done. A shower pan, for example, constitutes the floor of a shower and directs all the water into the drain. This is an important job, so it’s essential that the shower pan in your wet area is made out of high-quality materials. No one understands this better than BathWraps. We carefully construct our shower installations to ensure that they function at their absolute best.

Shower Pan Materials

It almost goes without saying that bathroom shower pans should be made from durable, waterproof materials. Common materials used to construct shower pans include fiberglass and acrylic. With some shower pans, it’s possible to place tile over them, giving additional options for decoration.

Here at BathWraps, we construct all of our bathroom products with nonporous acrylic that won’t crack, fade, peel, or chip over time. As a result, our showers are built to last. For additional peace of mind, we even offer a lifetime warranty guaranteeing that our products will last as long as your home.

BathWraps Is the Shower Expert

If you’re looking to get a durable shower installation made from top-of-the-line materials, there’s only one company to call: BathWraps. From our shower pans to wall surrounds and everything in between, we pride ourselves on the engineering and craftsmanship of our products. For more information or to connect with a BathWraps dealer in your area, contact us today. We can even complete your shower transformation in as little as one day!