New Bath vs. Renovating an Old Bath

New Bath vs. Remodeling an Old Bath

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? You might be wondering whether you should opt for a whole new bath or simply renovate your existing space. The best approach for you will depend on several factors, including your goals and budget.

Why Build a New Bath?

With a full-scale remodel, you can make significant changes to your bathroom that take it to a whole new level. The design is not limited by what your existing bathroom looks like; rather, it is constrained only by your needs, preferences, and checkbook. For instance, if you would like to change the size or layout of the room to create more space or better access, remodeling may be the way to go.

When remodeling old bathrooms, professionals often relocate fixtures in addition to replacing them. To create the ideal floorplan, this type of project may involve moving water supply pipes, drains, vents, doors, or windows, as well as replacing flooring and wall coverings and perhaps even repurposing space from a nearby closet or bedroom.

Why Renovate an Old Bath?

With a bathroom renovation, you can upgrade your bath to enhance its style or functionality while still maintaining its current footprint—and keeping costs down. This type of project may be ideal for you if your existing bathroom has a good layout that you are generally happy with, but the room itself could use a facelift.

Trends in bath colors and textures have changed dramatically over the years, which is something to consider if you live in an older home. The challenge of your bathroom renovation may be to preserve the best of the past while creating a comfortable bathroom that accommodates your current lifestyle. A possible compromise would be to choose modern acrylic tub and shower walls complemented by vintage-looking fixtures and fittings, which can provide your bathroom with a nostalgic style while still ensuring that it performs up to today’s standards.

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