No Door, No Problem: Does a Walk-In Shower Need a Door?

No Door, No Problem: Does a Walk-In Shower Need a Door?

Are you considering having a walk-in shower installed at your home? If so, you might be curious about the exact design of a walk-in shower—specifically, whether or not a walk-in shower needs a door. If you feel like a door would detract from your new shower’s design, don’t fret; you can have a walk-in shower with no door. In fact, walk-in showers sans doors offer a wide variety of benefits. They can:

Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning your walk-in shower will be a breeze without having to worry about a glass door that constantly gets covered in water spots and soap debris. Open-air walk-in showers dry out faster after a shower, too, making them less prone to mold and mildew buildup.

Enhance Accessibility

Planning to age in place? Even if you don’t need great accessibility now, you may as you grow older. And walk-in showers without doors make bathing a breeze. Make your shower even more accessible with shower accessories and seating.

Make Your Bathroom Appear More Spacious

If you’re frustrated with a tiny bathroom, a walk-in shower without a door is perfect. You won’t have to worry about the dimensions of a swinging door taking up tons of space as you maneuver in and out of the shower. Walk-in showers with no doors also provide a light, airy aesthetic that will make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

How to Build a Walk-In Shower Without a Door

Want to build a new walk-in shower with no door at your residence? BathWraps can help! We can install a gorgeous new walk-in shower at your home in as little as one day. Our showers are guaranteed for as long as you own your home, too—so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to learn more.