Questions To Ask a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Questions to Ask a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

Hiring a bathroom remodel contractor can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first rodeo. When you’re armed with the right information, though, you needn’t be intimidated. By asking a remodeler the appropriate questions upfront, you can avoid potentially costly mistakes and help ensure that you will be satisfied with your completed project. Here’s are some important points to consider:

How Long Has the Contractor Specialized in Bathroom Remodeling?

Remodeling a bathroom can be much more complicated than other home remodeling ventures, such as a bedroom or basement. Why? A bathroom has many intricate aspects to consider, including plumbing and waterproofing. Haphazard construction could lead to a host of serious problems—mold and mildew growth, to name a few—which can potentially affect your health. Therefore, you’ll want to entrust your project to a knowledgeable specialist who has at least five years of industry experience.

Is the Contractor Properly Licensed?

The licensing requirements for bathroom remodel contractors vary from state to state. However, if your bathroom remodel will involve plumbing or electrical work, your contractor will need to have the appropriate licenses. Make sure to ask about those licenses before entering into any partnerships.

Will You Have Access to Previous Projects & Customer Reviews?

Don’t be afraid to ask for references! A reputable bathroom remodeling contractor will be more than willing to provide you with contact information for at least three prior customers who can attest to his or her job performance. Some contractors will even keep an ongoing list of project accomplishments that document previous work and customer approval ratings. If the contractor is hesitant to provide information or customer references, we suggest looking elsewhere. When you reach out to references, be sure to ask about the quality of the contractor’s workmanship and whether they can deliver the work on time and within your budget.

Does the Contractor Offer A Product & Service Warranty?

Before hiring a bathroom contractor, be sure to ask about warranty coverage. Most states require remodeling companies to offer a limited warranty on products and services. Know the legally required minimum in your state, then look for a bathroom remodeling contractor who goes above and beyond.

What’s the Average Project Turnaround?

A crazy project timeline is not only an inconvenience but a mess for busy homeowners, especially if you’re having work done in the only bathroom of your home. For this reason, it’s important to ask potential contractors about project timelines and scope. While some contractors—like BathWraps—can perform one-day bathroom renovations, others may not have the resources to accomplish everything on time.

How Do They Work?

You’re inviting strangers into your home to perform what is essentially bathroom surgery! Not only should your contactors be efficient and experienced, but they should also be considerate and respectful of your home. Ask what their routine looks like: Do they clean after installation? Do they lay out footpaths to avoid trailing debris through your home?

Does the Contract Cover Everything?

Homeowner guidelines 101: Always read the fine print before signing contracts. When it comes to bathroom remodels, some contractors will try to swindle you with fancy contracts that sound great but promise something entirely different. Make sure you ask about the contract and have any potential contractors explain it to you so that you can have clear expectations about the project’s scope.

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, it’s very important to ask questions to ensure you hire a qualified bathroom contractor who will get the job done right. Click here to find an authorized BathWraps dealer near you.