Refinishing a Bathtub

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Relaxing in a warm bath provides many benefits—both physical and mental—but it’s hard to relax in an old bathtub that’s stained, cracked, and cramped. If your tub is looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to consider a course of action. Of course, the first thing you’d likely think of is a bathtub replacement, but that’s not your only option. Many homeowners choose to refinish an existing tub in order to enhance its appearance and extend its useful life. Although there are some drawbacks to refinishing, it takes less time and effort than a bathtub replacement, and it’s significantly cheaper, too. Are you considering having your bathtub refinished? You’ll find some expert advice in this article.

What Does Refinishing a Bathtub Entail?

It is possible to refinish your bathtub yourself, but for the best results, you’ll want to hire a professional. An expert will ensure each step is completed properly and that you get a long-lasting result. Since refinishing a bathtub is less labor intensive than a bathtub installation, it will still be the more affordable option even with a specialist handling your project.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or leaving it up to someone else, the process looks the same. Make sure the bathroom is properly ventilated before you begin! First, the hardware is taken out and the tub and surrounding areas are cleaned. The old caulking must be removed. Then, the interior of the tub is sanded to prepare the surface to receive the new finish. If there are small holes, chips, rust spots, or other cosmetic imperfections, these can be repaired with epoxy resin. A primer will be applied, followed by multiple layers of protective coating and, finally, a sealant. Lastly, you’ll need to reinstall the hardware and apply new caulk around the joints.

The refinishing process usually takes a few hours, after which the tub will need to be left alone for a day or two to cure.

Is It Worth It to Refinish Your Bathtub?

Refinishing a bathtub always costs much less than a replacement, and after refinishing, you’ll be able to get many more years out of it before a replacement becomes inevitable. Because of this, many homeowners find that it’s worth it to refinish an old bathtub and put off replacing it until a replacement is more financially feasible.

While refinishing can be a great way to repair and restore a bathtub for cheap, it’s not always the best option. Since you’re just covering up the surface and not replacing the fixture, it must be structurally sound. That means cracks and leaks cannot effectively be repaired this way, so if you’re hoping to address a structural issue, you’ll need to replace your tub.

Looking for a Bath Specialist?

If your bathtub is too old or damaged to refinish, a bathtub replacement may be your only option. If this is the case, you’ll want to be sure you partner with a bath specialist like BathWraps. We are an acrylic manufacturer based just outside of Chicago, and we provide homeowners throughout the nation with high-quality, reliable new bathtubs and showers. To learn more about our products or to get a quote for your project, contact us today. An authorized bathtub installer near you can install a gorgeous new tub at your home in as little as a day, so you can get back to enjoying comfortable baths in no time.