Should I Refinish or Replace My Bathtub?

Should I Refinish or Replace My Bathtub? 

It’s a common question that many homeowners face: Should I opt for bathtub replacement or refinishing? If you’re wondering what to do with your outdated, faded, or damaged tub, you may be conflicted by the same question. Sure, they’ve both got their benefits. Both will make an improvement to your bathroom and create a more relaxing environment for you to come home to each day. But they each also come with different price tags, features, and maintenance requirements. It’s important to consider every factor before committing to one option.

Of course, no internet article can make this decision for you. It’s best to weigh the pros and cons of tub replacement and refinishing and make a decision based on your budget and the condition of your bathtub. To help you decide, here’s some information on each route:

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing involves sanding down the surface of the tub, filling in any cracks, and applying several coats of primer to remove stains, scratches, and other imperfections. It is a temporary and budget-friendly solution that will give your bathtub a cosmetic facelift, but it will eventually need to be replaced in the future. This is important to keep in mind if you plan on remaining in your home for years to come, or if you’re trying to add significant value to it that won’t depreciate over time. If your tub is structurally damaged, refinishing is not the answer.

Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub replacement is a longer-term solution that provides more bang for your buck. Most experts recommend replacement for homeowners who are performing a complete bathroom remodel or who want a different size or shape of tub. Plus, a tub replacement gives you the opportunity to update your tubs features and styling. This option, when completed with certain high-quality materials like acrylic, will also be far easier to maintain, so you won’t have to worry about the cost and effort of scrubbing or repairing your tub. If you plan on not moving within the next few years and want to create a space that is entirely your own, a bathtub replacement completed by a trusted contractor may be a better option.

Affordable Bathtub Replacement Options from BathWraps

Having a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean that refinishing is the only way you can upgrade your bathing area. At BathWraps, we offer affordable bathtub replacements with top-of-the-line acrylic products that come backed by rock-solid lifetime warranties. Our tubs won’t crack or fade and are impervious to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth thanks to antimicrobial technology. Plus, many of our bathtub installations are completed in just one day by factory-trained and –certified technicians. Forget about having to surrender use of your bathroom for an extended period of time during a costly remodel by opting for a convenient and gorgeous BathWraps bathtub replacement instead.

What’s more, a bathtub replacement is a better investment in your home than bathtub refinishing and will save you money over more intensive options like a full bathroom remodel. Our bath and shower replacements are also fully customizable, so you can choose the styles, colors, storage options, and safety/accessibility features that suit you and your needs best. That way, you can create a space that is truly your own and that you will enjoy for years to come.

Interested in learning more? If so, contact BathWraps today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our affordable bathtub replacement services.