The Dos & Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

The Dos and Don'ts of a Bathroom RemodelA bathroom remodel can provide you with many years of pleasure and comfort, but it’s an involved process and one that the average Joe might have difficulty accomplishing. For complex bathroom remodels that involve more than simple aesthetic fixes, don’t hire just anyone. Consider that your bathroom has several key elements, all of which are precisely arranged within a relatively tight footprint with intricate plumbing that increases the risk of leaks and consequential water damage. For these reasons and many more, large-scale bathroom improvements are best left to the professionals.

In addition to partnering with an experienced bathroom remodeler, here are some dos and don’ts that can help you achieve the result you’re looking for:

Do Invest in the Shower

In recent years, the popularity of beautiful Roman tubs has waned, mainly because most homeowners rarely—if ever—bathe in them. Instead, consider using the space currently occupied by your tub to create a luxurious walk-in shower that you will use and enjoy every day. Most contemporary walk-in shower systems are crafted from durable, low-maintenance materials that will sustain years of daily use, for an on-trend bathroom upgrade that will serve you well into the future.

Don’t Forget About Water Usage

Modern bathroom fixtures are much more water-efficient than their counterparts. That said, a fully tricked-out shower with multiple showerheads and steam generators can potentially increase your water usage. Additionally, these luxury upgrades often require extensive plumbing work to existing drains—as well as to your water heater—increasing the risk for potential plumbing mishaps and future leaks.

Do Make Room on the Vanity

While the “his-and-hers” double-sink configuration was all the rage in the past, many of today’s homeowners find that it makes more sense to have a single sink with more counter space. After all, grooming is your main task at the vanity, so it’s generally more convenient to prioritize surface area over dual sinks. This also eliminates the expenses associated with installing a second sink and faucet during a bathroom remodel.

Don’t Choose Impractical Materials

There’s no question that a bathroom’s surfaces contribute to its overall aesthetic. However, they also sustain a considerable amount of daily wear and tear. A perennial favorite among homeowners is tile, which looks great initially but tends to lose its luster over time as its grout inevitably breaks down.

Do Keep Bathroom Aesthetic in Mind

Impractical materials aside, it’s extremely important to still consider bathroom aesthetics during a remodel. As the most-used room in your home, the bathroom should be designed around your needs both functionally and aesthetically. Fortunately, there are many appealing alternatives to impractical bathroom materials. BathWraps acrylic, for example, is an excellent alternative. This state-of-the-art material won’t ever crack or fade. It also features antimicrobial protection to inhibit mold and mildew growth and is a breeze to clean and keep looking like new.

Don’t Render Your Only Bathroom Useless

Complex bathroom remodels have the potential to last weeks. If these major renovations are happening to your only bathroom, then you’re in for a mess. Rather than putting all of your eggs into one basket, consider the advantages of one-day bathroom renovations. These can be anything from quick aesthetic DIYs—like refinishing cabinetry or painting the walls—but they can also include BathWraps bathtub and shower replacements!

Do Consider Bathroom Safety

A large, low-threshold shower stall with built-in seating and handy grab bars offers easy access and universal use, which are important considerations if you would like to enhance the safety of your bathroom in order to age in place.

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