The Top Three Reasons to Switch from a Bathtub to a Shower

Reasons to switch from a bathtub to a showerAre you tired of that never-used bathtub in your home? Perhaps your kids have grown up and left the house, so you no longer need a tub for them to splash around in. Or possibly you’re having trouble climbing in and out and worry about slipping. Or maybe you would simply prefer a sleek, modern shower to step into every day. The good news is options exist to convert your little-used bathtub to a shower you’ll look forward to using every day. There are many reasons why people choose a tub-to-shower conversion, but the thought of any major bathroom renovation project can seem daunting at first for any homeowner. If you’re on the fence about a bathtub replacement at your home, consider the many benefits that showers offer:

Better Accessibility

Whether you already need a more accessible bathing experience or you’re planning to age in place and foresee a need in the future, a bathtub replacement for a walk-in shower can help. Instead of having to climb over a tub with a high threshold, walk-in showers feature low thresholds to make them easy to get in and out of. And if you like the idea of no threshold at all, consider a wet room for your bathroom remodel. The wonderful thing about a bath-to-shower replacement is that you are in control, so you can place your needs first every step of the way.

Enhanced Aesthetics

If your bathroom is on the small side, a shower installation can transform it into a whole different space. Opt for glass shower screens for your new walk-in shower to make your bathroom feel even bigger and lend it a sleek, modern vibe. By replacing your old, rarely used tub with a stylish shower, you’re improving the overall look of your entire bathroom, and possibly even saving yourself from a costly full bathroom remodel further down the line. Depending on the company you partner with for your shower installation, you can also select the specific material colors and styles to suit your preferences and match the rest of your bathroom best.

Easier Cleaning

If you’re tired of bending over to scrub your bathtub, struggling to get into every nook and cranny, a new shower will change your life! Showers are so much easier to clean than bathtubs, making them a very low-maintenance option for your bathroom remodel. Plus, they can be built using mildew-resistant acrylic and with additional storage solutions, so you won’t have to reach or worry about where you’re going to put everything.

Ready for a New Shower?

Are you excited at the prospect of a bathtub replacement at your home? If so, get in touch with BathWraps today! We offer top-notch shower installations that take as little as one day to complete. Save yourself from future worry and possible costly mistakes and start making the most of your bathroom space. Best of all, our bath-to-shower replacements are entirely customizable, so you won’t have to sacrifice your style or comfort. Select the color, style, threshold, storage options, and other optional features to build the shower of your dreams. And with our trusted dealers, you can rest assured that your shower will be installed properly. When you partner with BathWraps for your bathroom remodel, you’ll be enjoying your brand-new walk-in shower in no time.