Top Bathroom Trends of 2020

Top Bathroom Trends of 2020

Despite being one of the most used spaces in your home, your bathroom may not be optimally designed. Whether yours features a whimsical color palette from the 1970s—burnt orange or harvest yellow, anyone?—or a space-hogging bathtub that never gets used any more, you might be ready for a change. Here are some of the top bathroom remodeling trends of 2020:

Open Showers

With life seemingly getting busier by the minute, many people prefer the convenience of a quick shower over a long soak in a tub. The showers of yesteryear simply consisted of a showerhead inside a bathtub enclosed by a vinyl curtain, which could hardly be considered luxurious or even appealing. But today’s walk-in showers have come a long way from this bare-bones setup, now providing the ultimate in appearance and functionality. Indeed, what started out as a luxury has now transformed into a popular trend. Open showers are a great way to maximize space, create a minimalistic look, and provide a spa-like experience at home.

Terrazzo & Bold Tile Patterns

Back and better than ever, Terrazzo is currently a top choice of interior designers and bathroom remodelers—and for good reason. A gorgeous mix of natural stone, marble, and cement, Terrazzo shower walls can provide a bathroom with a finished yet rough edge. Or, maybe you prefer tile. If so, don’t shy away from experimenting. With the right combination of contrasting textures and colors, you can achieve a timeless yet chic vibe. And any of these eye-catching looks can also be achieved with high-quality acrylic designed to emulate the appearance of stone or tile.

Classic Colors

When it comes to decorating with shades and hues, less is often more, which is why basic colors are all the rage for modern bathrooms right now. Think along the lines of alabaster white, sandshell beige, or platinum grey. Any of these classic colors will add a sleek look to your bathroom and, at the same time, shift the focus to your statement fixtures, showcasing them and making them stand out even more.

Making the Right Choices for Your Bathroom Remodel

Exploring the latest trends and tailoring them to your personal preferences and lifestyle is the best way to approach bathroom remodeling. Ultimately, your bathroom should incorporate a seamless transition between form and function.

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