Types of Shower Seats for Accessibility

Types of Shower Seats for Accessibility

Does your elderly loved one have a difficult time bathing? It can be tough for mobility-impaired individuals to stand up in the shower, but it’s not always a viable option to replace a shower with a low-threshold tub. Instead of opting for a costly and inconvenient bathroom remodel to build a space that better suits the needs of your family, consider adding handicap shower accessories. A shower chair can make a big difference, allowing for improved comfort and accessibility without sacrificing any independence or customizability. There are a number of different types of shower seats to choose from, including:

Standard Chairs

Standard shower chairs usually come with back support, handgrips, and rubberized feet. They are also available in a number of styles ranging from large, simple chairs to small shower chairs, such as folding stools. This is a simple option that can create a world of difference and provide you the peace of mind you need.

Transfer Benches

Also sometimes known as “bench shower chairs,” these shower seats straddle the tub’s threshold, providing an easy way for a mobility-impaired individual to slide from a wheelchair into the shower while seated. This is a fantastic option for maintaining independence while also increasing safety.

Rolling Chairs

Rolling shower chairs are similar to regular wheelchairs, except they have waterproof safety features that allow them to be used in the shower. These chairs can be used in a no-threshold shower, which is easily wheeled into. If you think this may the best option for you but currently have a tub or shower with a threshold, consider a tub-to-shower conversion or no-threshold shower installation from a trusted contractor.

Built-In Seating

One of the most popular types of shower chairs is built-in seating. Built-in seating is perfect for shared bathrooms. When a mobility-impaired individual needs to bathe, they can simply pull down the foldable seat for use. When it’s not needed, the built-in seating is tucked away to save shower space for others.

No matter what type of bathing space you have, there is a shower seat option to suit your needs. Consider your bathroom and speak with an expert to help decide which choice and accessories work best for you.

At BathWraps, we specialize in bathroom remodeling that prioritizes safety and accessibility. No matter which shower seat option you decide is best for you, we have the solutions you need. In addition to your new shower seat, you may also choose to add additional safety and accessibility features like grab bars or quick drain tubs.  Even if you decide to opt for a larger renovation project, we offer exceptional selections of low- or no-threshold shower installations. At BathWraps, you can trust us to help make your bathing space as safe and comfortable as possible. To have convenient built-in seating installed in your home’s bathroom, contact us today.