Updating an Outdated Bathtub

Older style bathroom with corner tub, small sink with hanging mirror above it, and blue wallsThe bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house. Statistics say that the average person spends nearly two years of their life in the bathroom. Take a moment to think about what you don’t like about your bathroom. Do you find that you enjoy bathing, or is it more of a chore? Do you hide your old tub with a shower curtain so that you don’t have to look at it? If you’re embarrassed at how your bathtub looks, or if you simply can’t live any longer with an outdated bathtub, then this article is for you. Read on to get some ideas about how you can update your bathtub to better serve you.

Ways to Change Up Your Bathtub Without Replacing It

There are many ways you can change up your bathtub. Some don’t require much in the way of time, money, and effort, while others are more intensive. Here are a few of the most popular methods to update an outdated bathtub:

Adding Bathtub Accessories

There is a bevy of bathroom accessories on the market to choose from, such as grab bars and shower seating.

Changing Up the Fixtures

It could be that the bathtub itself is fine, but the old, dirty fixtures are hard to ignore. If a deep clean doesn’t make a difference, consider replacing outdated or finicky fixtures with something more modern, like matte black handles or a waterfall showerhead.

Installing New Wall Surround

This won’t change your bathtub, but it will make a huge difference on the overall effect of your bathing space. You may choose to stick with the same color palette you had originally or choose something a little more daring. Perhaps you like the idea of a colorful tile mosaic or a marble effect. The options are limitless.

Refinishing Your Bathtub

If the main issue you have with your bathtub is its appearance, then refinishing may be a good option for you. The process involves sanding the old surface and painting on a new epoxy coating to refresh the color and gloss. Some people choose to do it themselves with a DIY refinishing kit.

Installing a Bathtub Liner

An alternative to refinishing a bathtub, a bathtub liner is a custom-fitted cover that’s sealed over your existing tub to cover up any cracks or stains. This process should definitely be handled by a professional, but the result is more dramatic.

BathWraps Can Help When All Else Fails

If your problems have to do with the overall size and style of your tub, or if you’d really prefer a shower instead, it may be time to invest in something completely different. Turn to BathWraps, the nation’s leading bathroom remodeler. From low-threshold showers that are modern and accessible to deep soaker replacement tubs that will melt your stress away, we have it all. We’d love to help you upgrade to a bathing space that you’ll want to be in all day, every day. Most of our renovations can be completed in just one day, so you could be enjoying a gorgeous new shower or bathtub in no time. Reach out today to be put in touch with your local BathWraps dealer and start exploring your options.