Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom RenovationWalk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Thanks to their sleek design and low-entry threshold, walk-in shower systems favor a contemporary aesthetic that can make your cramped bathroom feel more spacious and easier to access. Not sure where to begin when customizing your dream shower? In this article, we’re highlighting trending walk-in shower designs—helping you find the perfect solution for your unique bathroom needs and stylistic preferences. Read on to get some new ideas!

Embrace Natural Lighting

In a bathroom, natural light is a must! Not only will it help you jumpstart your morning routines, but natural light has been shown to enhance your mood and even boost your immune system. To spice up your walk-in shower design, try positioning it near a window or consider installing a skylight.

Choose All-Glass Enclosures

All-glass enclosures are some of the sleekest bathroom designs out there, and they work perfectly with walk-in showers. Instead of a surround, these showers feature glass walls, helping your bathroom to appear more spacious.

Follow The Wet-Room Trend

Have you heard of a “wet room?” It’s essentially a walk-in shower that features just one wall—and sometimes none at all—to prevent spray. These showers feature waterproof flooring to turn your bathroom into a seamless bathing area where the shower doesn’t feel like a discernibly different space than the rest of the room. A modern design trend, wet rooms make for easy accessibility, too!

Install Safety & Accessibility Accessories

Besides exciting design ideas, it’s important to consider walk-in shower ideas that can enhance accessibility. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel with a walk-in shower for an elderly or mobility-impaired person, be sure to consider the many accessibility accessories out there to take your remodel to the next level. At BathWraps, we can install safety accessories, like grab bars, to make your new walk-in shower as accessible as possible.

Add In-Shower Seating

Shower benches aren’t just for show! These in-shower seating options offer the perfect place to sit and relax, are an excellent leg prop for shaving, or an impromptu storage shelf for various bottles, salts, and other goods.

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