Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom RenovationWalk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Considering a bathroom renovation to have a walk-in shower installed? If so, you’re not alone! Walk-in showers are becoming more and more popular among homeowners, not only because of their sleek design but also because of their easy accessibility. But there are a ton of different types of walk-in showers out there—which is right for your home? Read on to get some new ideas!

All-Glass Enclosures

All-glass enclosures are one of the sleekest bathroom designs out there that work perfectly with a walk-in shower. Instead of a surround, these showers feature glass walls, helping your bathroom to appear more spacious and refining its look.

The Wet Room Trend

Have you heard of a “wet room?” It’s essentially a walk-in shower featuring just one wall—and sometimes none at all—to prevent spray. These showers feature waterproof flooring to turn your bathroom into a seamless bathing area where the shower doesn’t feel like a discernibly different space than the rest of the room. A modern design trend, wet rooms make for easy accessibility, too!

Accessibility Options

Besides exciting design ideas, it’s important to consider walk-in shower ideas that can enhance accessibility. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel with a walk-in shower for an elderly or mobility-impaired person, be sure to consider the many accessibility accessories out there to take your remodel to the next level. At BathWraps, we can install built-in seating and grab bars to make your new walk-in shower as accessible as possible.