Ideas for Waterproofing Bathroom Walls

Ideas for Waterproofing Bathroom Walls

Having waterproof walls in your bathroom is crucial, considering all of the excess moisture that builds up in this space. Mold, mildew, rot, and water damage are just some of the costly issues that can arise due to this buildup of excess moisture, but thankfully, several bathroom wall options are waterproof and all provide numerous benefits. Before we take a closer look at these waterproof bathroom wall options, let’s explore the importance of installing wall sealants—the first step every homeowner should take before installing new bathroom walls.

The Importance of Sealant

It doesn’t matter how waterproof your new wall surrounds are if a sealant isn’t first installed to protect the vulnerable bathroom walls. Sealants keep moisture and water from seeping into the cracks of your bathroom wall, so they’re a crucial aspect of safeguarding your bathroom from the effects of water damage. Once you’ve installed a moisture barrier, choose a waterproof wall surround option that will act as an additional seal. Here are some of the best options for your bathroom walls:


Acrylic is the most commonly used waterproof bathroom wall material. Available in a wide range of prices, colors, patterns, and textures, acrylic is easy to install, low-maintenance, and a cost-effective solution for your bathroom walls. 


Laminate is a versatile and affordable choice for waterproof bathroom walls. It can be purchased as a single sheet or as tiles, and is lightweight, easy to install, and can last for many years.

Tile & Stone

Available in several different materials, including granite, marble, slate, porcelain, and ceramic, good-quality tile will prevent water damage while lending a sophisticated and attractive look to your bathroom. Stone panels are waterproof and, while they can be expensive, provide a natural, high-end look to bathrooms that many homeowners find exceptionally appealing. While both tile and stone walls are at the height of luxury, it’s important to note that these materials typically require more maintenance than the aforementioned acrylic or laminate options. Additionally, if your tile or stone wall is improperly grouted and installed, it could diminish the water-resistant qualities of the material itself. 

Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The absolute best way to ensure your bathroom is waterproof is to hire a professional. A bathroom remodeling contractor not only has the experience needed to navigate the compact layout of most bathrooms, but they have the knowledgeability that you can count on when it comes to choosing waterproof products. Before hiring the first contractor you see, make sure you do your research; look for reviews, accolades, and schedule a meeting prior to signing them. 

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