Ways to Get More Shower Storage

Ways to Get More Shower Storage

There is absolutely nothing wrong with leveling up your self-care routine. That is, however, until you run out of storage space. If your bathroom vanity is officially overflowing with products and those beauty concoctions are slowly taking over your shower, it’s probably time to rethink your storage situation. Most bathrooms, especially showers, simply aren’t designed with great storage solutions in mind; after all, it’s a compact room. Read on for our best small shower storage ideas to help make room for all your favorite products.

Take Storage Outside of the Shower

Today’s trending bathroom designs are taking inspiration from spas. These relaxing retreats are specifically modeled for individuals who enjoy self-care therapies and/or are in desperate need of a stress-free experience. Instead of hiding away excess goods, these retreats show off products on personalized displays. You can replicate this in your bathroom by setting up a small spa table near your shower door. Here, you can arrange your favorite scrubs, shampoos, and other products without overwhelming your small shower.

Customize Your New Shower With Built-In Accessories

Tired of dealing with a hanging shower caddy that always seems to slip and fall, sending your products flying? There’s a simple fix to this annoying problem: built-in shower accessories. If you’re in the market for a shower replacement, BathWraps can customize your new system with built-in accessories that make showering easier and more enjoyable. That includes storage solutions—like shelving and soap dishes—which can help you maximize the usable space of your shower without splurging on after-market accessories.

Install Retractable Shower Seating

If you share your home with an elderly or mobility-impaired individual, you’re likely no stranger to bulky shower chairs. While these chairs are extremely useful, they’re not always practical for shower organization, as they often take up a lot of valuable space. Installing built-in seating, however, can help open up your shower and finally allow you to ditch the plastic shower chair that always seems to be in the way. BathWraps can install built-in seating that easily folds away when not in use, allowing you to use every square foot of your shower without sacrificing the accessibility needs of your elderly loved one.

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