Ways to Improve Bathroom Safety

Ways to Improve Bathroom Safety

The process of navigating a slippery bathroom terrain is one of the most hazardous activities for seniors and individuals with limited mobility. Thankfully, there are plenty of bath products that homeowners can incorporate into their bathrooms’ designs to improve the safety of the space and reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Some of our favorite ways to improve bathroom safety include:

Installing Bathroom Safety Products

Bathroom safety products—also known as age-in-place products—are extremely versatile and one of the easiest ways that homeowners can improve the accessibility and overall safety of their bathrooms:

  • Grab bars – Grab bars perform two essential functions. First, they help stabilize users, making the process of entering and exiting a bathing fixture much easier. Second, in the case of a slip, grab bars are there to grab before falling.
  • Non-slip surfaces – Many bathroom falls are caused by slip-and-fall accidents. To prevent this, homeowners can install non-slip flooring in their tubs or showers, as well as non-slip decals to the bathroom tile.
  • Bench seats – Installing a seat in your shower or tub can make it much easier, safer, and more comfortable to bathe. These days, you can find seats in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures.
  • Foot pedestals – Not only are foot pedestals a handy accessory to have in a shower—they are the perfect perch for shaving—but they can help stabilize you when washing off the day’s stress. 

Invest in a Walk-In or Barrier-Free Shower

In addition to purchasing bathroom safety accessories, many homeowners are choosing to invest in barrier-free shower systems. Low-entry or walk-in showers are specially designed to remove barriers that can make entering and exiting the shower difficult and potentially dangerous. You can also make small changes to your bathroom, such as installing plenty of lighting to increase visibility, removing any obstacles and clutter from the floor area, and adding grips to accent rugs.

Turn to BathWraps

If you want to invest in products that will increase bathroom safety for seniors, turn to BathWraps. We are an industry-leading manufacturer that specializes in crafting ADA-compliant showers, walk-in tubs, handholds, and everything else you might need to make your bathroom safer. Our products are exceptionally low-maintenance, durable, attractive, and highly customizable, so you’ll be getting the most value for your investment.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your bathroom safety, contact BathWraps today. We’d be happy to provide you with more information about our products and answer any questions you may have.