What Are Shower Systems?

What Are Shower Systems? 

A shower system is simply an all-inclusive name for a shower, typically including its valves, walls, showerhead, floor, and other components. Showers are wonderful bathroom remodeling upgrades for homeowners who want a more accessible bathing option, modernize their bathrooms, or make their cramped bathroom feel larger. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, stick around! In this article, we’re diving deeper into the world of shower systems—covering everything from how to choose the best shower for your remodeling needs to who you should partner with for a job well done.

How to Choose Your Perfect Shower

The secret formula to creating your ideal shower comes down to four things. Make sure that you take time to carefully consider the following factors before embarking on a shower replacement project:

  • Budget
  • Lifestyle
  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Safety needs

Once you’ve squared away the basics, it’s time to find a bathroom contractor who can make your dream shower system come to life. And for many homeowners, that’s BathWraps.

Custom Shower Systems From BathWraps

Many savvy homeowners turn to BathWraps when it’s time to invest in a new shower system. Why? One reason is our wide selection of bathing solutions, which include:

  • Tub-to-shower conversions
  • Low-threshold walk-in showers
  • No-threshold walk-in showers
  • ADA-compliant showers
  • Tub/shower combinations
  • Shower surrounds

Another factor that sets BathWraps apart is the cost-effectiveness of our products. We have a solution for every budget, but that fact doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. Our shower systems are custom-crafted from premium acrylic that is:

  • Impervious to cracking and fading
  • Resistant to mold and mildew growth, thanks to antimicrobial technology
  • Simple to maintain and keep clean
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty

Furthermore, BathWraps shower systems are carefully installed by factory-trained and –certified technicians in as little as one day. This means you won’t be left shower-less or inconvenienced by a messy construction site for days or weeks at a time.

Don’t Forget About Our Bathroom Safety Products

From ADA-compliant walk-in showers to shower handles, we’ve thought of everything—helping you customize a shower system that truly meets your needs. Some of our customers’ favorite safety and accessibility accessories include:

  • Built-in, retractable shower seating
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Built-in shelving
  • Foot stands

Remodel Your Shower

Ready to get started? If so, contact BathWraps today. Our friendly professionals will be happy to detail the many benefits of our shower systems and answer any questions you may have about our bathroom remodeling process.