What Are the Different Types of Shower Pans?

Different Types of Shower Pans

In walk-in showers, shower pans—also known as shower bases—are the solid pieces that act as the floor of the shower. They are slightly pitched so that the water runs toward the drain, and they usually feature a lip or threshold so that the water won’t leak out onto the bathroom floor. There are a few different types of shower pans, each with unique benefits and drawbacks, which we’ll discuss below.


First up is fiberglass. Fiberglass shower pans are made from a mixture of polyester resin and woven glass fibers that are poured into a mold. What’s great about fiberglass shower pans is that they cost less than other materials, but unfortunately, they’re more susceptible to stains and damage and have a shorter lifespan than other types of shower pans.


What’s great about ceramic or porcelain tile shower pans is that they can be made with custom tiles and provide a nice, high-end look for your shower. The drawback, though, is that they require a fair amount of upkeep. Over time, the grout lines between the tiles will likely become discolored and might even wear out altogether and need to be re-grouted.


Acrylic shower pans are loved by many homeowners because they are incredibly durable and they have nonporous surfaces. The latter means that dirt and grime won’t be able to penetrate the shower floor, making it easier to keep clean without strenuous scrubbing. However, despite this nonporous surface, acrylic shower pans do still require occasional cleaning to maintain their lustrous finish.

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