What Can You Use in a Shower Instead of Tiles?

What Can You Use in a Shower Instead of Tiles?

In years past, tile was the most popular option for shower walls. Not anymore, though! If you don’t want tile, you have several alternative shower wall materials to choose from. And if you like the look of tile but would prefer to do without the maintenance, there’s an option for that, too.

Here are some common shower tile alternatives you might consider:


Made of acrylic sheets that are custom-fit on site, these shower panels are completely seamless. This unique, single-piece construction eliminates the risk of water damage due to leakage around a shower wall seam as well as mold and mildew growth behind the panels. Acrylic is available in many gorgeous colors and patterns (some of which simulate the appearance of tile), allowing for full customization. And because it is a nonporous material that is highly resistant to stains and scratches, acrylic will retain its like-new appearance with minimal upkeep for many years.


Like acrylic, fiberglass shower walls feature single-piece construction. However, a prefabricated enclosure can be bulky and difficult to navigate through a home. Also, while fiberglass is one of the more inexpensive bathroom remodeling options, it has some disadvantages. First, fiberglass shower walls come in only a few basic colors, which limits its customization potential. Second, fiberglass is prone to scratching and easily damaged. Surface damage can lead to unsightly staining as well as cracks, water leaks, and mold growth. Even with proper upkeep, it will lose its luster over time.


Known for its exceptional beauty, marble is a soft material that can easily be milled into various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for a custom-made shower. However, marble has some downsides, too. In addition to its significant expense, marble is highly absorbent and easily stained. For instance, hair dye can damage it, and certain cleaning products can etch it, affecting the appearance of the shower and the integrity of the stone. To keep it in good condition, a marble shower may need to be periodically resealed.

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