What Is a Doorless Shower?

Doorless ShowerWhen you think of a shower, do you picture a combination shower/tub with glass doors? While these types of showers are certainly common, there’s another type of shower out there that homeowners are becoming more and more interested in: doorless showers, also known as walk-in showers. Doorless showers usually don’t feature a threshold—and if they do, the threshold is low—allowing you to walk right into the shower with nothing to impede you. This makes them a safer option, especially if you plan on aging in place at your home or have any elderly or mobility impaired guests. From comfort to style, there are many reasons to choose to have a doorless shower installed at your home.

Why Opt for a Doorless Shower?

Walk-in showers tout a number of benefits you can take advantage of. First of all, thanks to their low or nonexistent threshold, they’re perfect for those with mobility issues. If you struggle to climb over thresholds or deal with a large shower door in a tight bathroom, a walk-in shower is the perfect solution. Secondly, a walk-in shower installation can transform your old, outdated bathroom into a sleek, modern oasis. It can also make your bathroom feel much more spacious, allowing you to upgrade your space without the hassle and cost of a full bathroom renovation.

A doorless shower remodel is also the perfect opportunity to customize your new shower to fit your lifestyle and preferences, in terms of both aesthetic appeal and comfort. When you choose a manufacturer like BathWraps for your new doorless shower, you can choose the perfect tile color, pattern, and accessories to create the luxurious shower of your dreams. Whether you prefer the classic look of tile or the timeless drama of marble, you can benefit from the appearance of your preferred material without the tedious upkeep that typically accompanies it. You can even choose to include additional safety and accessibility features to make bathing a safer and more independent experience for any elderly or mobility- impaired individuals within your home—one of the best reasons to opt for a doorless shower!

Turn to BathWraps for a New Walk-In Shower

Are you interested in a replacement shower for your home’s bathroom? If so, turn to BathWraps to install a brand new doorless shower. Even if you have an outdated tub where you’d prefer a modern shower, our exclusive dealers can complete a tub-to-shower conversion that can bring your vision to life. With a BathWraps shower replacement, you can enhance your bathroom in a way that’s easier and faster than a traditional remodel without sacrificing any of the features you need. Our showers feature technology, making them mold and mildew resistant and super easy to clean. Our walk-in-showers make your life easier, allowing you bathe comfortably and safely without the scrubbing and maintenance of your old tub or shower. What’s more, we can have your bathroom remodeling project done in as little as one day, and we will guarantee our craftsmanship for as long as you own your home.

Stop settling for a shower that doesn’t live up to your standards and choose a better bathroom remodeling solution from BathWraps. You’ll love everything about your new doorless shower, from its aesthetics to its functionality. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your shower remodel! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you connected with an authorized dealer in your area.