What Is a Tub Threshold?

What Is a Tub Threshold?What Is a Tub Threshold

Generally speaking, a threshold is the bottom sill of a doorway—the thing you step over when entering and exiting. In medieval times, when threshing (hay and straw) was used to cover the floors of homes, a strip of wood or stone was placed at the foot of the doorway to “hold” the “threshing” inside and stop it from being tracked outdoors as people came and went.

So, then, what is a tub threshold? Well, it doesn’t hold hay and straw in place, but in a similar way, it does prevent water from leaking out onto the bathroom floor. You can think of the wall of a bathtub as a threshold—a very high threshold. So high, in fact, that many homeowners find it difficult to step over while getting in and out of the tub. That’s why walk-in tubs have doors for easier access, and why low-threshold and no-threshold showers have become more popular bathroom fixtures in more recent years.

Low-threshold showers have a raised strip of tile, marble, or other material that acts as a lip to prevent water from leaking out while still being pretty easy to step across. However, for some homeowners, even this low-profile threshold presents too much of a barrier. For instance, those who use wheelchairs to get around may prefer the easy access of a shower that is completely devoid of a threshold and allows them to simply roll in and out. Because no-threshold showers lack this component that keeps water from leaking out, their bases are usually pitched toward the drain to prevent water from collecting near the entrance.

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