What Is the Easiest Shower Material to Clean?

What Is the Easiest Shower Material to Clean?

Unless you’re the rare person who self-soothes by tirelessly scrubbing bathroom titles, most homeowners do not enjoy spending their weekends deep-cleaning their dirty showers. Fortunately, the squeaky-clean solution is simple: Install a low-maintenance shower system. How can you know if your new shower is easy to keep clean? If you want a shower that is stylish, durable, and also simple to maintain, consider investing in a shower replacement that’s engineered with low-maintenance material. In most cases, the easiest shower material to keep clean is acrylic.

Why Acrylic Showers Reign Supreme

Located in what could easily be the dirtiest room of a home—the bathroom—a shower should be constructed of a material that guards against soap scum, bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. For this reason, acrylic has quickly become the material of choice. Thanks to a single-sheet design, acrylic shower walls are among the most affordable and easy-to-clean shower materials on the market. They only require occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. And because acrylic shower surrounds are installed without grout lines, the threat of mildew growth and leaks is virtually eliminated.

A Closer Look: Acrylic vs. Tile Showers

When compared to traditional tile shower systems that feature seemingly endless grout lines, acrylic showers are significantly easier to clean. Tile showers must be properly sealed and frequently cleaned to extend their lifespan. This design also makes them more prone to leaks as well as mold and mildew growth. And to top it all off, a special grout cleaner must be used to prevent grout lines from appearing dingy and dirty.

Acrylic Shower Enclosures From BathWraps

Homeowners who partner with BathWraps for acrylic showers enjoy the best of the best. We use the highest caliber of nonporous acrylic when custom manufacturing showers right here in the United States. Not only are these acrylic showers resistant to cracking, chipping, staining, and fading, but they’re also infused with antimicrobial protection technology to prevent the growth of stubborn mold and mildew.

Custom Shower Remodels

Of course, as bathroom remodeling specialists, BathWraps knows that a good shower must also add aesthetic value to your bathroom. That’s why we offer several customization options with our shower remodels, including acrylic wall surrounds that mimic the appearance of tile and natural stone (minus the frustrating maintenance requirements). You’ll also be able to select from a variety of personalized shower configurations, including roll-in showers, low-threshold showers, and more.

Contact BathWraps today to learn more about the benefits of our acrylic showers and to get in touch with a certified dealer in your area.