What You Need to Know Before Renovating a Bathroom

What to Know Before Renovating a Bathroom Renovating a bathroom that’s outdated or dysfunctional is an excellent idea for several reasons. Having an updated and thoughtfully designed bathroom increases home value and is the perfect space to escape after a long day. Even so, a bathroom remodeling project is no small undertaking—there are several important factors to keep in mind as you begin. For example, here are just a few bathroom renovation tips to consider:

Design Is Key

Simply swapping out old structures for new ones does not qualify as renovating a bathroom. The bathroom design—including layout, colors, textures, and overall aesthetic—is critically important to a successful remodel.

Accessibility Is Important

Incorporating universal design elements like a low- or no-threshold shower, wheelchair-friendly sinks, non-slip flooring, and easily accessible storage solutions are smart investments that are becoming increasingly popular.

What’s Lurking Behind the Walls?

Odds are, you’ll need (or want) to replace some wiring or plumbing while renovating your bathroom. Be sure to designate some of your budget toward this.

Be Mindful About Accessories

This means carefully considering the height and position of mirrors, towel rods, toilet paper holders, lighting, and storage.

Speaking of Storage…

Storage is a vital part of a bathroom that is often overlooked by homeowners. Don’t forget to carve out spaces for towels, toiletries, and more, whether that’s a closet or built-in shelving.

BathWraps Can Make Renovating Your Bathroom More Affordable

BathWraps offers affordable and convenient bathtub and shower replacement solutions to simplify any bathroom remodeling project, allowing you to direct more time and money toward other aspects of your renovation. To learn about our bath replacement services or to be connected with a local dealer, give us a call today.