Where to Start in Bathroom Remodeling

Where to Start in Bathroom RemodelingIf your bathroom currently underwhelms you while you perform your daily bathing routines, you likely often dream of giving it a facelift. But a bathroom remodeling project can be daunting, especially for busy individuals who hardly have the time to research local bathroom contractors—much less attempt any sort of DIY project. But don’t fret; we’ve got some advice on where to start with your bathroom remodeling project!

Think About Your Needs

It’s important to consider your specific needs when planning a bathroom renovation. For instance, are you planning to age in place? If so, a low- or no-threshold shower is probably more valuable to you than a bathtub replacement. Accessories like grab-bars and built-in seating may also prove to be a good investment in this case. But if you’re thinking about selling your home soon, keep in mind that families with children usually need to purchase a home with at least one bathtub. Think about what frustrates you about your current bathroom and determine what would help alleviate these issues, whether it’s more storage or simply less cleaning over time.

Get Inspired

After you’ve pinpointed your goals for your bathroom remodel, it’s time to envision what your new space will actually look like. Spend some time looking through magazines, blog articles, and sites like Pinterest to get ideas. Make notes about the color schemes, fixture styles, and accessories you’d like for your bathroom remodel. Make sure the bathroom remodel contractor you choose offers opportunities for customization to bring your vision to life. A manufacturer like BathWraps can provide examples of their previous work and website tools that allow you to explore all the possibilities for your new bath or shower.

Determine Your Budget

Many home remodeling projects have typical price ranges that homeowners can expect to pay, regardless of the details. Redoing a bathroom isn’t one of them. Project costs can range wildly depending on the scale of the renovation and materials used. Determining your budget ahead of time can help you stay focused throughout the duration of your remodeling project. If you’re looking to keep costs down, consider a bathroom remodeling solution like an acrylic bath or shower replacement. By tackling the wet-area of your bathroom, you’re able to upgrade the feel of the entire space without the hassle and hefty price tag of a full bathroom renovation.

Get the Ball Rolling

Now that you know the basic steps to remodel a bathroom, it’s time to get started!  We offer everything from tub-to-shower conversions to bathtub replacements to safety accessories! Our bathroom remodeling solutions are fully customizable with a wide array of options for colors, patterns, and additional features so you can rest assured your new bath or shower will be perfectly suited to your wants and needs. Since your new bath or shower will be constructed from a high-quality, nonporous acrylic material that is infused with antimicrobial technology, you can also count on it to be remarkably low maintenance and easy to maintain. And unlike a traditional bathroom remodel, our bath and shower installations can be completed in as little as one day—meaning you can get back to your routine and enjoy your new space as soon as possible.

With the tips above in mind, the choice for your bathroom renovation is clear. When you’re ready to get started, contact your local BathWraps dealer to learn more about our simple, one-day bathroom transformations.