Which Home Improvements Bring the Most Value?

Which Home Improvements Bring the Most Value?

As a homeowner/weekend warrior, you’re most likely looking for ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic and value. There are endless remodeling projects that you could probably embark on, but it’s best to pick and choose your investments wisely. Some upgrades don’t do much to improve home value, while others can yield a significant return on investment (ROI) if done correctly. A few examples of home improvements that tend to offer the best ROI include:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Landscaping
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Home exterior improvements (siding, front door, etc.)
  • Attic bedroom conversion

Bathroom Remodel: A Simple & Valuable Way to Boost Home Value

While it’s all too easy to let your ambitions drive your home remodeling ventures, you can’t take on every home improvement project at once. You have to start somewhere, and we suggest that realistic “somewhere” to be simple, valuable, and achievable; we’re talking about bathroom remodels.

At first, a bathroom remodel can seem like an overwhelming project. However, if you focus on the wet areas of the room and partner with a reliable company, the project becomes a lot more digestible. The wet areas of a bathroom include the bathtub and/or shower. These are the most valuable features in the bathroom, as they are the elements that take up the most physical and visual space. When you replace a bathtub or shower with a brand-new, contemporary system, you enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic and functional value—making it a win-win home improvement project. Some simple and valuable bathroom remodels that focus on the wet areas include:

  • Standard or walk-in shower replacements
  • Standard or walk-in bathtub replacements
  • Tub-to-shower conversions

A bathroom remodel can become even more valuable when you consider improving wet-area safety and accessibility. This can be achieved with aging-in-place solutions that feature ADA-compliant accessories—like seating and grab bars—and designs, like low or no thresholds. These customized options can suit virtually every need, but they are particularly beneficial for seniors or other individuals with mobility limitations.

Your Partner in Bathroom Remodeling

BathWraps can transform your bathing area with durable and stylish products. Our company offers affordable and high-quality wet area remodeling that can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of any bathroom; and, our cost-effective solutions allow customers to devote more of their budget to other aspects of their bathroom renovation project.

Perks of BathWraps Tub & Shower Systems

Tubs and showers from BathWraps are custom-made from nonporous acrylic right here in the United States and are 100% guaranteed for as long as our clients own their homes. They are impervious to cracking, fading, staining, and chipping, and are infused with antimicrobial protection to stop mold and mildew growth in its tracks. And, our tubs and showers can be installed in as little as one day by certified technicians. What’s not to like?

Contact BathWraps today to learn more about how we can help simplify your bathroom remodeling project and bring your bath design dreams to life. Our professionals can direct you to a certified dealer in your area and answer any questions you may have.