Which Uses Less Water, a Bath or a Shower?Woman relaxing in bathtub with towel under her head

You are considering remodeling the wet area of your bathroom, but are undecided as to whether to go with a shower or a bathtub. As the savvy homeowner you are, you’ll want to factor water usage into your decision. So, between a shower and a bathtub, which uses less water, you ask? The answer might surprise you.

Bath & Shower Water Usage

On average, it takes between 25 and 30 gallons to fill a bathtub. Conversely, the standard showerhead expels about two and a half gallons of water every minute, which means it takes about 10 minutes to fill the average bathtub. At first glance, it may seem as if you’ll use less water if you elect a shower over a bathtub, however there are other factors that come into play, such as:

Your Personal Bathing/Showering Habits

Not everyone takes a shower in under 10 minutes. Be sure to consider your own showering rituals. Are you someone who wastes little time in the shower, hopping in just long enough to get clean? Or do you find showering to be therapeutic, using that time to contemplate? If you are the latter, you may find you use less water bathing than you would showering.

The Type of Showerhead

Similar to how not all shower takers are the same, not all showerheads are created equally. While you may use more water showering with a standard showerhead than you would soaking in a tub, you may find the outcome to be different with a low-flow showerhead.

Your Local Tub Replacement & Shower Installation Experts

Ultimately, whether you use less water bathing or showering comes down to personal hygiene habits and the plumbing fixtures you choose for your remodel. But no matter which system you choose for your bathroom, the BathWraps team can help you arrive at a solution that is tailored to your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs. Contact us today to get started!