Will Remodeling a Bathroom Add Value to Your Home?

Will Remodeling a Bathroom Add Value to Your Home

There are many different reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms. For some, the bathrooms are too cramped and difficult to move around in as they go about their daily routines. Others simply find their bathrooms to be sorely outdated and in need of some freshening up. No matter what your reasons are for redoing your bathroom, before you take on such a project, it’s good to know how it will impact your home’s value. Many homeowners wonder whether remodeling a bathroom will add value to their home, and the short answer is yes, it probably will.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Increase Home Value?

Since the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in a home, investing in a bathroom renovation will likely boost your home’s ROI. This is especially true if you have a good understanding of the current market trends and renovate the core areas of the bathroom: the bathtub and/or shower. Now, we’re not saying that converting an unused bathtub into a shower will magically double the resale value of your home—if that were the case, every household in America would be scheduling a tub-to-shower conversion—but as far as home improvement projects go, redoing a bathroom tends to provide a better ROI than other renovations. Why? Well, bathrooms are some of the most frequently used rooms in any home, and it makes sense to want the rooms you see daily to look their best. Bathrooms are also one of the first rooms to start showing their age, so just because your bathroom was all the rage fifteen years ago, don’t be surprised if these days it looks a little passé.

Improving Home Value: Bathtubs vs Showers

If you’re on the bathroom remodeling train, your next question will likely be: Which project will improve the resale of my home the most? Your best bet is to focus your renovation on the bathtub or shower. These units are the most important aspects of your bathroom and upgrading them will significantly improve both the aesthetic appeal and overall functionality of the space. Between these two options, however, showers have the biggest potential when it comes to ROI. Walk-in showers, particularly, have a lot of potential and draw for homebuyers as they feature a contemporary design that is also aging-in-place compatible. 

One-Day Installations With BathWraps

But what’s great about home bathroom remodels is that they can be completed much quicker than, say, a kitchen remodel or a basement renovation. BathWraps, for instance, can complete a wet-area renovation that will dramatically transform your bathroom in as little as one day. That’s right, in just one day, you can transform your old, dingy tub into a beautiful new shower or replace your outdated tile shower with a sleek, acrylic stall that will make cleaning a breeze. Because when we talk about home value, resale value is only part of the equation. Sometimes things like easier maintenance, better quality of life, and the smile you get when you step inside a shower you absolutely adore are worth way more.

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